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Our Tajweed Course

The first step towards reciting the Holy Quran is to learn Arabic basics (foundation course) that enables the reciter to recite the Quran with Tajweed unintentionally, a kid of 4-6 years can read with Tajweed even knowing nothing of Tajweed’s rules. We have many student especially kids, got started reading the Holy Quran properly with fluency. AlhamduliAllah.

We Offer Online Tajweed Course

The purpose of this course is to make the student eloquent reader of the Quran by understanding the position of diacritical points and applying Tajweed rules. This course involves:

  • Introduction and purpose of Tajweed
  • Understanding of Qiraat
  • Application of Tajweed rules
  • The rules of Waqf, Raa or Laam, noon, Huroof e Maddah, Huroof e Leenah, and Tanween
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