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Narrations or the holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa sallam) are the most important part in Islam, even without hadith we can’t understand the holy Quran. Online hadith courses are designed for the kids and adults, who are interested in getting more attached to Allah SWT and wanna learn Islam as it should be learned.
Hadith is the second primary source for Islamic law after the Holy Quran. Hadith contains any action, utterance, or quality associated with the Prophet (PBUH) or his deliberate silence. Hadith helps explain much of the Quran’s commandments that are unclear on their own, and also alongside the way and method to live our daily lives are properly ordained in the Hadith in extremely intricate details which serve us as guidance till the Day of Judgment. For the records to behave preserved to this date we have to thank the Prophet’s companions, and as a reminder to that our website provides online Hadith courses for anyone who seeks to understand and implement the true essence of the religion, Islam into their lives. For getting admission click here.

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